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Spanish to English Translator

Spanish language

Spanish is the native language of 358 million people in the world, and a total of 450 million people worldwide. It is the second most natively spoken language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese. In addition to Spain, Spanish is the official language of many countries of South America, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and others. It is widely spoken in several other countries, including United States, Canada, Morocco, and the Philippines.

English language

English is West Germanic language brought to Britain in the 5th Century AD by Germanic settlers from various parts of northwest Germany. Historically, English originated from the fusion of languages and dialects, called Old English, with the word 'English' being derived from the name of the Angles. The language was further influenced by the Old Norse language with Viking invasions in the 8th and 9th century. A significant number of English words are constructed based on roots from Latin, because Latin in some form was the lingua franca of the Christian Church and of European intellectual life.