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Russian to English Translation

Russian language

Russian is mainly a phonetic language. The stress is mobile and does not follow strict rules. However, the stress in the Russian language plays an important role in distinguish between otherwise identical words, especially when context doesn't make it obvious: замóк/зáмок (lock/castle), стóящий/стоя́щий (worthwhile/standing), молоде́ц/мо́лодец (attaboy/fine young man), узна́ю/узнаю́ (I shall learn it/I am recognizing it); and in expressing the meaning in the sentence (Ты́ съел печенье?/Ты съе́л печенье?/Ты съел пече́нье? – Was it you who ate the cookie?/Did you eat the cookie?/Was the cookie your meal?).

English language

According to the special survey of European attitudes towards and use of languages, the report confirms that at the beginning of 2001 English is the most widely known foreign or second language, with 43% of Europeans claiming they speak it in addition to their mother tongue. Sweden now heads the league table of English speakers, with over 89% of the population saying they can speak the language well or very well. However, in contrast, only 36% of Spanish and Portuguese nationals speak English. English has without a doubt become the global language.