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Dutch to English Translation

Dutch language

Dutch uses the Latin alphabet. But the Dutch alphabet has one additional character beyond the standard alphabet, the digraph IJ. It has a relatively high proportion of doubled letters, both vowels and consonants.
Dutch is grammatically similar to German, such as in syntax and verb morphology. The Dutch written grammar has simplified over the past 100 years. Dutch vocabulary is predominantly Germanic in origin, considerably more so than English. Like English, Dutch includes words of Greek and Latin origin. Most loanwords from French have entered into Dutch vocabulary via the Netherlands and not via Belgium, in spite of the cultural and economic dominance exerted by French speakers in Belgium until the first half of the 20th century.

English language

Today, more than 750 million people use the English language. An average educated person knows about 20,000 words and uses about 2,000 words in a week. Despite its widespread use, there are only about 380 million people who use it as their mother tongue. It is the official language of the Olympics. More than half of the world's technical and scientific periodicals as well three quarters of the world's mail are in English. About 80% of the information stored in the world's computers is also in English. English is also transmitted to more than 100 million people everyday by 5 of the largest broadcasting companies. It seems like English will remain the most widely used language for some time.